Channel Manager -
your cockpit for more sales

With the channel manager, you centralize all your different sales channels with your property management system and revenue management system.

Discover what our channel manager can do

Manage all your rooms, rates and channels in one place

Real time sync

Experience never an overbooking by using the channel manager, as the inventory will be always sync with all sales channels. You want to lower last minute the price to sell your last rooms for today? One click, and a second later, all the sales channels will get your new price. These features are “must haves” in today’s hospitality business.

Add revenue rules

Manage specific revenue rules to optimize your occupancy and profit. Add minimum stays or force people to check in at a specific date. Or simply switch off expensive sales channels (OTAs) independently when you have high demand and make your guests reserve at the commission free bookings on your own hotel website.

Manage rate differentiation

With the rate differentiation, you can send different prices to your sales channels – and avoid that or Expedia proceeds cheaper reservation that you want. A premium feature which upgrades your sales strategy to the next level.

Connect with over 700 partner systems

Online Travel Agency

The online travel agencies are the largest segment, including and Expedia Small Luxury Hotels. Almost every hotel has today presence on some OTA channels.

  • Expedia
  • AirBnB
  • Namu Travel
  • And many more

Property Management System

The property management system (PMS) is your operational system of your hotel. This is the place where your operations, reservations, and even finance or F&B comes together. Examples of PMS we connect with:
  • Opera (Oracle)
  • Seven Suite
  • Skill 4IT
  • Little Hotelier
  • And many more

Revenue Management System

The revenue management system (RMS) is a system which calculates your daily prices. Revenue management system can be connected directly to the channel manager. Examples of RMS we connect with:
  • Room Price Genie
  • Lybra Tech
  • iDEAS
  • Hotelpartner
  • And many more

Global Distribution System

The global distribution system GDS is a network where the B2B of the travel industry comes together. GDS market is relevant for larger hotels with a good share of business travelers.
  • iHotelier (Amadeus)
  • Reconline
  • SiteMinder GDS
  • SynXis
  • And many more

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