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The Booking Engine has a state-of-the-art design and it show all your rooms, packages, rate plans and services on any device (mobile first!) always in a perfect look.

Create secret rates for registered users only and offer them special rates. Additionally you can collect data from each registered user for marketing activities.

Use different meal plans like breakfast Included, half board, full board or all inclusive rates. You’re able to connect several meal plans to one or more specific rate plan option.

Users can sign in with their social media account (Facebook or Google+) for adding personal information when they doing the booking process.

Add additional services like tours, transportation options or any other service you offer and sell at you hotel to the booking engine. Users can select them and add it to their reservation.

Create special offers like promo code, weekend offers, long stay offers, last minute offers or any other offer type you like to create. You set the discount for the special offer and the booking engine will display it according your rules.

Use Credit Card Payment, PayPal, Stripe, Bitcoin or Bank Transfer and let your guests pay at the moment of reservation.

Create electronic guest vouchers and promote them digitally. You decide the value, expiration date and recipient and the user can simply trade in them on your booking engine. You even can turn cancelled reservations into vouchers, and give your clients the option to use the amount of the cancelled one for a new reservation at a further stay.

Go social with the booking engine and let your guest reserve through your Facebook Fanpage. You also can push special offers & packages from the booking engine directly to your social media channels.

Use the email management module of the web booking engine to manage and automate your email communications with your guests. Put content and rules to reservations confirmations, pre-stay and post stay email.

Offer amazing packages to your guests with using the full dynamic package module. The package is shown to the customer with a banner or on the booking engine start page before they select rooms. Use also the dedicated Package URL to promote your packages on blogs or social media.

Manage any guest request with BookBack. Create dedicated offer and add rooms, modify rates and setup expiration date to the offer. This offer will be sent by email or WhatsApp to the customer which requested, and is exclusive for the recipient. In case the customer accepts the offer and finish the process by adding payment details, the offer turns into a real reservation with confirmation number.

All what BookBack offers, plus a live chat and follow up emails to remind with the reservation offer.

This feature gives you the chance to offer a room upgrade to the guest that has already booked online directly. Send automated upgrade offers by email to your guests, one or two days before they arrive and increase revenue.

Manage all your business with your partners (tour operators and agency’s) though this module. Setup special rates and commission discounts, and let your partners reserve directly though the booking engine.

Setup different rates for different markets and target them with geo localized rates.

Get your guests which are not finishing the booking process by recover them with this module.






With the channel manager you can control all rates on all channels, avoid overbookings and set up restrictions like minimum stays.

Connect with any OTA like, Expedia or AirBnB in a two way connectivity.  Additionally, you also can connect to a PMS, a revenue management system or to global distribution system networks.

Add revenue rules and take control about where to sell your last available rooms. You can chose for example when you only have two rooms available, that it stop sells on OTAs whilst keep them on sale on the own website.

Use the rate multiplier to send from your standard rates cheaper or more expensive rate to the channel.  Rate multiplier is very useful when you join a member program on a booking platforms,  to avoid cheaper rates on the OTAs than on the website.






View bookings from all your sales channels (online/offline) on the same reservation plan, per room. At the same time, you can easily move reservations between rooms and dates to achieve your maximum occupancy!

Create and print invoices for your bookings and other services of your Hotel. The module will automatically calculate the amounts and VAT based on the booking details and create the invoice for you to review, accept and print.

Create for al your staff members a user and manage permissions to show or hide details of the property management system and the data.

Set wake up calls reminder, and use to-do lists to manage the task of your staff.

Use the statistic module to check and verify the performance of your hotel.  The PMS has a wide range of different statistics.

Connect your PMS with the electronic invoice registration from the Ministry de Hacienda (Costa Rica) and manage all your accounting, bills and invoices through this special module.

Use the PMS app to check all your hotel activities wherever you are or modify reservations.






Create electronic invoices directly from the invoice module within the Property Management System. This module has a direct connection to the Ministry of Finance, and may also be used by the hotel’s accountant to generate the monthly financial statement. This service is currently available for the following countries: Mexico, Costa Rica, Panama.

Price recommendations to maximize your revenue and occupancy. Room Price Genie taking-care of all available informations, including thousands of market prices, your occupancy etc. Automated price update to the booking engine and to all sales channels.

Rate Match compares prices between your booking engine and OTAs, and showing them to your guests. It equalizes or balance it always to your favor in case of a disparity.

We connect you with meta search platforms like TripAdvisor (TripConnect & Instant Booking), Trivago, Kayak and Google Hotel Price Ads. Send your best rates to the metasearch and attract more direct reservations.

Housekeeping Management at your PMS allows you to manage your room cleanings easily. You can view the rooms that need to be cleaned, setup your cleaning actions depending on days or room type (e.g. restock mini-bar every 2 days) and print the daily housekeeping plan.


Installation of Technology & Training

Direct Booking Strategy

Personal Account Manager

Support via Phone, Email or on-site


Which package is the right for my hotel?2020-05-09T01:38:17+02:00

Each hotel is individual. We recommend you to make first a meeting with us. Some of our SHC Team will help you to evaluate the right solutions for your business claim. It is depends on your size of hotel, average room rate and already existing use of technology.

Is the technology suite of SHC an all-in-one Solution?2020-05-09T01:38:11+02:00

Yes and no. YES, because we designed for the modern hotelier an all-in-one technology suite which comes with some of the strongest technology solutions that exists for hotels. All connected together and synchronized like a Swiss watch. NO, because we selected different technology solutions to solve different problems! Each technology solution aims to be leader in their field. We use a 5-star hotel booking engine, an extremely solid channel manager and a very user friendly PMS for our packages.

I have already a PMS and a Channel Manager. Can I integrate some of your products to my existing technology setting?2020-05-09T01:37:39+02:00

Yes, we do connect with the mayor technology providers (PMS or channel manager) and in most of the cases we can integrate to your existing channel manager or PMS.

How works the setup process when I start working with SHC?2021-03-25T03:32:03+01:00

Our team set up for you the Booking Engine, PMS and Channel Manager and is helping to upload data and existing reservations to the PMS. Before we go live, a Key Account Manager checks with you your sales strategy and gives you unlimited training sessions of the technology.

How is support working if I need any help?2020-05-09T01:37:14+02:00

You can always call us directly without a waiting loop! We solve problems quickly via phone, WhatsApp, E-mail or even on-site.

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