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Booking Engine (Simple Booking)

  • Yield Planet (Channel Manager)

  • SiteMinder (Channel Manager)

  • Vertical Booking (Channel Manager)

  • Rate Tiger (Channel Manager)

  • Room Cloud (Channel Manager)

  • CM Reservas (Channel Manager)

  • Parity Rate (Channel Manager)

  • Sojern (Tracking Pixel)

  • Google Hotel Price Ads (Meta Search)

  • TripAdvisor (Meta Search)

  • Trivago (Meta Search)

  • PayPal (payment gateway)

  • Stripe (payment gateway)

  • BitPay (payment gateway)

  • Bank Transfer (payment gateway)

Revenue Management (Room Price Genie)

  • SiteMinder (Channel Manager)

  • Hotel Spider (Channel Manager)

  • Channex (Channel Manager)

  • Allotz (Channel Manager)

  • Cubilis (Channel Manager)

  • Beds24 (PMS)

  • Clock (PMS)

  • Little Hotelier (PMS)

  • WebHotelier (PMS)

  • Protel (PMS)

  • Booking Factory (PMS)

  • Mews (PMS)

  • Booking Automation (PMS)

  • Apaleo (PMS)

  • InnGenius (PMS)

Property Management System (Hotelist)

  • Yield Planet (Channel Manager)

  • SiteMinder (Channel Manager)

  • HotelSpider (Channel Manager)

Channel Manager (Yield Planet)

Over 400 system integrations via the channel manager including OTAs, PMS, GDS & RMS. See integration list for all connections.