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Are you looking for a simple, sophisticated reservation system for your hotel? We collaborate with some of the most innovative hotel technology providers from Europe, and create a digital five star booking experience for your hotel and your guests. 

We don’t believe that out there exists the perfect all-in-one hotel technology solution from just one company. We believe in hidden champions. We have tested. We failed. We repeated. And we got results and figured out which software performs best.  As a result, we have selected four innovative technologies a successful hotel needs to have. Discover now the four hotel software solutions which you, your staff and your guests will love.

Booking Engine

Simple Booking is the innovative, high-end Booking Engine and the first choice for hoteliers looking to take back their direct reservations. Over 4,000 hotels worldwide are using Simple Booking – from luxury hotel chains, to trendy city business hotels and private owned-and-operated boutique hotels. They all trust their valuable, 0% commissions, direct reservations into the hands of this high-end technology.  Simple Booking sets trends with modules no other provider has, and it is the option for hotels that want to be one step ahead of the rest.

   > Simple and fast booking process
   > With live Rate-Match module
   > With metasearch connection
   > With Fully integrated payment process
   > Social Media Integration

Channel Manager

YieldPlanet Channel Manager is an extremely fast and precise distribution solution. It allows the hotels to synchronize rates, availability and more data between your hotel and hundreds of OTAs and your Booking Engine. YieldPlanet provides the industry’s most flexible solution to optimize the prices of your rooms and offers. It has a single point of control where you can manage the entire revenue management strategy and distribution. The channel manager from Yield Planet perfectly fits the needs of a modern digital hotel infrastructure and acts as a perfect tool between different software solutions.

   > Secure two-way connectivity with OTAs and PMS
   > Interfaces with over 400 platforms
   > Syncs live rates and availability with OTAs
   > With yield rules for a better performance

Yield Management

Room Price Genie is an innovative yield management and pricing solution designed for small & midsize hotels. It is a dynamic pricing system which automatically adjusts your room rates, depending on demand, occupancy and forecast. The pricing solution was built based on the feedback from some of the top revenue managers in the world, always with the need and usability of the individual hotel in mind. The first properties who have used Room Price Genie have reported an average of 22% increase of revenue.

   > Calculates best rate for your hotel
   > Automatic price updates to your channel manager
   > Overviews market demand & trends of your destination
   > Control min & max price and average occupancy
   > Performance dashboard with full statistics

Property Management System

The Hotelist property management & operational system is a cloud-based software which helps small to midsize hotels organize and automate daily operational business. Managing reservations, invoices, housekeeping and guest communication are just a few of its features. It comes with a mobile app where you can see and manage bookings, revenue or availability on your smartphone. Managing your daily business with Hotelist is as easy as using a smartphone, and your front desk staff will be able to use the software after a short introduction.

   > Powerful cloud-based property management system
   > Drag and drop reservation calendar
   > With hotel analytic & statistic module
   > With mobile app to take control wherever you are
   > With housekeeping and staff tasks-manager

Expand Your Distribution With SHC

Five Reasons For SHC

Swiss Competence2020-07-05T06:53:37+02:00

SHC is a company of Swiss hospitality marketers who have years of experience working in the international hospitality business. Our knowledge and proven technology is from Switzerland or Europe and used in hundreds of hotels all over the world.

Save Commission2020-05-09T21:27:20+02:00

How it’s done? It’s done with a customized website and a differentiation strategy at the Online Booking Agencies (OTAs). But the main core is our web booking engine, which work for you as selling machine. Customers who decide to work with us generate significant more direct bookings than before.

Personal Support2020-05-09T21:34:28+02:00

We would be proud to become part of your hotel project. As a partner, you can expect full business support. In-person support at your hotel or via mail & phone guarantee an excellent collaboration.

Boost Your Revenue2020-05-09T21:29:21+02:00

A constant price analysis of your competitors with rates that change according your strategy guarantees a higher rate. Our aim is that you earn more and raise your revenue per available room.

Become an Expert2020-05-09T21:35:21+02:00

During our revenue meetings we will teach you to compete successfully on the dynamic tourism market. If necessary, front office staff of your team can join these sessions to implement the revenue thinking gene throughout your hotel.

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