Revenue Management

Revenue Management & Soft Consulting

More Revenue and less online comissions

Revenue management is probably the most important hotel management discipline which helps raise your room rate, increase your commission fees and generates more income. Dynamic pricing and diferentation strategies is one of the most effective tools to raise your average room rate. We create an individual rate structure with a dynamic price calendar customized for your hotel. We offer additional advice based on an analysis of all your room types and visibility on online travel agencies. All partner hotels of Swiss Hotel Competence can look forward to a soft consulting with several meetings and support from our experts.

Channel Manager

More Revenue because more flexibilty

With a Channel Manager, you can manage your entire online sales channels centrally, easily and dynamically. Our offerings combine the functions of a yield management software and a channel manager and minimize the maintenance effort of the entire online channels.

The following factors play an important role in selecting the right channel manager:

  • Which Rate structure is the hotel using (e.g., BAR levels)?
  • Is an interface to the hotel program PMS required (for example Opera etc.)?
  • Which online portals or tour operator should be connected?
  • How is the hotel positioned in the market?
Revenue Management
Revenue Management

Web Booking Engine

More commission-free bookings

In just a few steps, the guest registers your offer and makes his decision. A web booking engine facilitates the booking process and presents your offer in a professional way.

With a web booking engine, you can make your services bookable online, coordinate the request and quotation processing and automate the booking transactions without even losing the overview. Your website will become a fully fledged distribution channel.

We have a selection of leading web booking engines which have an above-average innovation claim. We guarantee that with these products you are always one step ahead of your competitors

Dinamic Rate Match Tool

Compare and balance prices on your website

The implementation of this powerful tool commonly used by leading hotels will yield you more direct bookings! Show your guests live prices of other online platforms and allow to compare them with your own prices on your website. This intelligent system attracts direct bookings as it will always promote the best price on your website. Even if a special promotion or deal was made with OTAs, the Rate Match Tool well change the room rate on your website within seconds and in your favor. In consequence, your guests receive the promise of a 100% best price guarantee on your own website.

Revenue Management
Revenue Management

Upgrade Tool

Updates more revenue through

Guests are usually booking the cheapest room. Does that sound familiar? The consequence is a loss of income as your more expensive rooms remain empty while only the cheapest are sold out. We strategically upgrade guests to higher room categories to achieve higher occupancy rates and generate more income. The Upgrade Tool sends guests special upgrading offers shortly before their arrival. They are offered a higher room category at a discounted guest benefit rate. This innovative sales technique from the airline industry is simple and works fully automated.

Meta Search Connectivity

Get trafic to your website

Today the hotel search very often starts on metasearch platforms. We help you to bring these guests quickly and directly to your own hotel website. Increase instantly direct sales through our integration of TripAdvisor, Google, Trivago, Kayak, and other leading meta-search platforms. We integrate your website booking engine with all major Meta Search platforms and manage the entire implementation.

Revenue Management
Revenue Management

Online Payment Gateway

Get paid instantly for reservations

Swiss Hotel Competence offers a unique payment and reservation system for Panama’s hospitality industry. Our reservation systems allow hotels to be paid at the moment of the reservation through the collaboration with the internet payment collection provider Paguelofacil. Receive payments for peak days such as Easter, national holidays, carnival and new year in advance and automatically! No more need to explain customers why a pre-payment is necessary during these highly frequented days. You may even charge or block money from guests that have done a reservation through other channels

Mobile Hotel Website

Make website visitors to bookers

We know your website needs to sell Rooms. We build websites exclusively for the hospitality industry– that’s what makes us experts in hotel websites. The key for direct bookings is the right content, fully customized, responsive and with the direct connection to a high end web booking engine. We know the travellers in Central America, that’s why all our websites are in both Spanish and English. Together, we create the right content and soon your website will be among your bestselling tools!

Revenue Management

Five Reasons For SHC

How it’s done? It’s done with a customized website and a differentiation strategy at the Online Booking Agencies (OTAs). But the main core is our web booking engine, which work for you as selling machine. Customers who decide to work with us generate significant more direct bookings than before.

A constant price analysis of your competitors with rates that change according your strategy guarantees a higher rate. Our aim is that you earn more and raise your revenue per available room.

During our revenue meetings we will teach you to compete successfully on the dynamic tourism market. If necessary, front office staff of your team can join these sessions to implement the revenue thinking gene throughout your hotel.

We would be proud to become part of your hotel project. As a partner, you can expect full business support. In-person support at your hotel or via mail & phone guarantee an excellent collaboration.

SHC is a company of Swiss and Panamanian hospitality marketers who have years of experience working in the international hospitality business. Our knowledge and proven technology is from Switzerland and used in hundreds of hotels all over the world.

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