Property Management System

Managing reservations, invoices, housekeeping, and guest communication are just a few of its features. It comes with a mobile app where you can see and manage bookings, revenue, or availability on your smartphone.

Features of the Property Management System

Simplify all the moving parts of your hotel

Reservation Calendar

Have all your reservation stored at one place. Check status of the reservation, add notes or move your guests to another room – all those tasks are managed at the reservation calendar on the property management system.


Manage all your housekeeping tasks from the property management system. Keep control about the cleaning status of your rooms, get tasks assigned automatically to your housekeeping staff or add cleaning.

Accounting & Finance

Having full financial control about your hotel operations is key in having a successful business. With the accounting & finance module, you can track reservations payment status, control folios, and manage your entire accounting operations of the hotel.

Bar & Restaurant Operations

Are you running a restaurant or bar at your hotel? We cover you with a full point of sales module (POS), which streamlines restaurant & bar operations with your property management system (PMS). Send bills from the restaurant of your guests to their reservation folio, and charge at the moment of check-out.

Be compliant with local accounting rules

Electronic invoices

Is your hotel operating in a country where you are forced to submit electronic invoices to the local government? We cover most countries in Latin America with a direct interface to the financial ministry which keeps your hotel compliant with local accounting rules.

Countries with electronic invoicing

Submit your invoices directly from the PMS to the government systems in following countries:

  • Argentina
  • Costa Rica
  • Chile
  • Colombia
  • Guatemala
  • Mexico
  • Panama
  • Peru

Learn more about our property management system

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