Revenue Management

Dynamic pricing does not need to be complicated. We are making revenue management easy for you and your team, and guarantee that every day of the year, your rooms are priced right.

Revenue Management made easy

Set up pricing strategy & revenue goals

You decide the price range you want to sell your rooms. Set up a minimum and a maximum price to your rooms, and your main competitors. That’s all which is needed to create the revenue management strategy.

Let calculate & keep control

The revenue system is super easy to use, and will give you a smart overview about your daily prices, competitions prices and expected sales. With just one click, you can check how your price has been changed, and how prices and occupancy on other hotels are working.

Fully integrated & auto price push

Your dynamic room prices are calculated on a regular daily basis. Price push will be sent daily to your sales channels, PMS, and channel manager. With this functionality, you can lay back and know that your prices are always right.

Seamless Integration

Our suggested revenue management system (Room Price Genie) integrates seamless with the industry favorite channel managers and property management systems.
Since 2017, we are the digital service for successful hotels in America. Hundreds of clients grow their revenue and direct reservations with us.
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